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1.      Graduates of Department of Education accredited high school.

2.      High school students expecting to graduate by the end of the schools year.

3.      Philippine Educational Placement Test qualifiers indicating eligibility for admission to college.

4.      Transfer-student applicants from other universities/colleges.

5.      Filipinos who have graduated from secondary schools abroad.

6.      International Students who are graduating or have graduated Grade 12 abroad.

7.      Proceed directly to the Institutional Admissions and Testing Office (IATO) to start the application process.



1. Two (2) 2x2 picture with white background, identical and with name plate/tag.

2. Recommendation letters from the following: Homeroom Adviser and Guidance Counselor.

3. High School Grades (First to Third Year) using DLSL form.

4. Certificate of Good Moral

5. Photocopy of NSO certified Birth Certificate.

6. Admission and Testing Fee:

            Freshmen                                                         Php 400.00

            CSAT Qualifiers                                             Php 300.00

            International Student                                      $ 50.00

            Filipino Citizen from International School     Php 500.00


Other required documents if applicable:

1. College Scholastic Aptitude Test (CSAT) result for exemption to take the DLSL Admissions Test.  At least 60 percentile rank is needed to qualify for the exemption.

2. Photocopy of NSO certified Marriage Certificate (if married)

3. Photocopy of Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) certificate indicating eligibility for admission to college (if PEPT qualifier)

4. Original copy of certification from the High School Registrar stating that the student has never enrolled in any college/university (if already graduated in previous school year)

5. Complete scholastic records (including Diploma, Recommendations from a former Teacher and Guidance Counselor) duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the applicants country of origin.  The grading system should be clearly stated in the Transcript of Records (TOR).  If these records are written in a foreign language other than English, complete and official English translations must be submitted and authenticated at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate.  (for International Students)

6. Scholastic records and other documents from Philippine or Department of Education (DepEd) accredited schools overseas, not required for authentication but original document must be presented.