Institutional Admissions & Testing Office
Integrated School Requirements & Guidelines

Downloadable Forms


1. Photocopy of NSO certified birth certificate.

2. Two (2) 2x2 recent identical pictures with white background; printed name in front and signature at the back.

3. Properly and completely filled out application form.

4. Admission and Testing Fee:

            Nursery 1                                                        Php 300.00

            Nursery 2, Kinder & Grade 1-7                      Php 300.00

Grade 8-9                                                        Php 400.00

Applicants from International Schools           $ 30.00


Additional requirements for Grade 2 Grade 9

1. Certified true copy of Form 138 (Report Card)

2. Sealed recommendation form, properly filled out and signed by any of the following recommending personnel: Principal, Class Adviser or Guidance Counselor


Additional requirements for International Students:

1. Alien certificate of Registration (ARC) or Special Study Permit (SSP)

2. Photocopy of data and latest arrival pages of the passport and original must be presented.

3. English translation of birth certificate and pertinent school records duly authenticated at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate of the applicants country of origin.

Note: Scholastic records and other documents from Philippine or Department of Education (DepEd) accredited schools overseas, not required for authentication but original document must be presented.


Additional requirements for Dual Citizen:

1. Photocopy of Philippine passport of the applicant

2. Any of the following:

            -Certificate of Recognition

            -Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition certificate

            -NSO certified Birth Certificate.



1. Proceed to the Institutional Admissions and Testing Office (IATO) for the initial screening.

2. Payment of admissions processing fee.

3. Present the official receipt of payment to the IATO staff to secure the application form together with the recommendation form.  Information on the admissions test schedule will also be given.

4. To obtain the test permit, submit all requirements to the IATO staff at least one week before the preferred admissions test date.

5. Take the test on the scheduled date.

6. Claim the admissions test result on the specified schedule of release at the IATO.

Note: admission tests are administered from Mondays to Fridays and on Saturdays from January to March.