College of Information, Technology & Engineering
BS Electronics and Communications Engineering

The Course

The BS ECE Program equips students with interest in electronics and electronic systems and technologies. The electronics engineering field includes broadcast engineering, telecommunications, semiconductor device fabrication/manufacturing, electronic system design, computer systems, information and computing technologies, instrumentation and telemetry, automation, feedback and control systems, process control, robotics, mechatronics, consumer and industrial electronics, signal processing, electro-optics, photonics, opto-electronics, electromagnetics, avionics, aerospace application, navigational application, military application, medical/biomedical electronics, cybernetics, biometrics, engineering research and development, and all other related and convergent fields.

Career Opportunities
Semiconductor Device Fabrication/ Manufacturing (Engineer)
Electronics Design
Computers Systems
Instrumentation and Telemetry
Automation, Feedback, Process Control, Robotics, and Mechatronics
Industrial Electronics
Signal Processing
Medical/Biomedical Electronics

Major Subjects
CIRCUITS1 - Circuits 1 (5 Units)
Fundamental relationships in circuit theory; mesh and node equations; resistive networks; network theorems; solution of network problems using Laplace transform; transient analysis; methods of circuit analysis.

CIRCUITS2 - Circuits2 (5 Units)
Complex algebra and phasors; simple AC circuits, impedance and admittance; mesh and node analysis for AC circuits; AC network theorems; power in AC circuits; resonance; three-phase circuits; transformers; two-port network parameters and transfer function.