The Cultural Office supports and enhances DLSL community’s development of culture and the arts. Its programs and activities cover lifestyles, technology, heritage, tourism, language, festivals, games, environment, as well as architecture, dance, visual arts, music, literature, theater and film.

  • Management
    • Facilitates the establishment of institutional creative and cultural groups which can contribute to De La Salle Lipa’s development as a center of culture in CALABARZON;
    • Identifies and develops opportunities for participation by the DLSL community in cultural competitions and performances.

  • Information, Dissemination and Research
    • Promotes and assists in cultural and culture-related events such as those produced by the Arts Coordinator (Poetry Reading, Sayaw Filipinas, Visual Exhibits, etc); Marketing Communications Office and Lipasalliana (historical exhibits);
    • Monitors cultural/ culture related activities in the school;
    • Contributes cultural research studies to the institution.

  • Activities
    • Produces cultural activities which supplement the academic life of the school, such as symposia, talks, exhibits, and film events;
    • Provides workshops to student organizations on Student Activities Management (as requested by student organizations).

  • External Linkages
    • The cultural offices of other La Salle schools, NOCEI members’ schools and other schools in the Batangas province.
    • International and local non-government/ government organizations, art organizations, government agencies (National Commission on Culture and the Arts and Cultural Center of the Philippines) and other similar organizations.


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