Announcements for Employees
Strict Implementation of AHRIS Approved Policy
Post by: Angela Recio | 7/7/2016 10:04:51 AM
Please be informed that effective July 21, 2016 (Thursday) the following approved policy in Advanced HRIS shall be strictly implemented:

DTR Correction applied by the Lasallian Partner (LP) thru AHRIS should be supported by Time In/Time Out Form validated by the Guard-on-Duty. The LP submits the form to HRD after the approval of the immediate superior. Further, the LP should apply thru AHRIS not later than three (3) working days after the date of effectivity. Failure to apply within three (3) working days would mean forfeiture of application (application will no longer be accommodated/encoded thru AHRIS).

CHANGE SHIFTThe change shift should be applied two (2) days before the effectivity and approved before the payroll cut-off.
CHANGE DAY-OFF The change day-off should be applied a week before the date of effectivity and approved before the payroll cut-off.
OVERTIMEThis request should be authorized prior to the date of the overtime work to be done.
OB/LEAVEThis should be applied before the date of effectivity, but in case of emergency, it is applied immediately after the date of the OB/Leave.
     Sick LeaveThe Lasallian Partner (LP) should secure fir-to-work clearance from the Institutional Health Services Office (IHS) upon return to work.
     Maternity LeaveThis should be applied at least one (1) month before the expected date of delivery.
     Paternity Leave This should be applied on or before twenty-four (24) hours after wife's date of the delivery.
     Off Campus Pass
This should be filled-out prior to leaving the campus (log time of egress/ingress) should be recorded by the guard-on-duty in the OCP form).
APPROVALThe approval of the application must be done within the cut-off of the covered pay period to prevent salary deduction. Otherwise, approval of the application after the posting of the attendance would mean that adjustment/s, if any, will be given on the next payroll period. The deadline of approval is not later than five (5) days before the next payroll cut-off. Failure to do so would mean non-payment of the adjustment.
ATTENDANCE AND PAYROLL ADJUSTMENTThe adjustment will be made only on the next payroll period. "For corrections, kindly call the designated Attendance-In-Charge Office at least five (5) days before the next payroll cut-off. The report will be treated as final and correct if the designated Attendance-In-Charge does not receive any advice on the specified grace period."

Thank you very much.