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From Face to Faith
Post by: Jerwin M. Lasin | 9/23/2013 3:37:25 PM

All co-workers are encouraged to participate  in our Peace One Day Celebration on September 30, 2013. We are all aware of the different social issues and injustices that really need our support through little or big  effort that we can share for the attainment of our goal.

This program  aims to promote the value of togetherness and community in prayers for peace and unity  and to deepen our faith in God as we experience inner peace  and share it with others. The following Peace Initiatives are hoped to be implemented on the said date with our collaborative effort, all for the glory of the Lord.

The following will be followed on the said date:





A Moment of Silence (Prayer Service Over the P.A. )



Planting of Peace Pole and Blessing of Peace Garden (To be participated by the selected students)


8:00 -3:00

A Fast For Peace (A whole day of fasting for unnecessary noise inside and outside the classroom; no shouting, no running, etc.)

Admin, Faculty and Staff

(For the monitoring of silence)


Prayer Vigil for Peace (To be participated by all students and faculty during CL, Eng and Reading for GS; CL(HS); Rel Ed(College)

Whom will I Make Peace With? (The students pledge will be dropped in the drop box)

Peace Wall

CL teachers and ILFO

3:00 -3:10

Song for Peace (Finale Song over the P.A. for the closing ceremony of the Peace One Day Celebration)



Important Notes to Remember :

At the sound of Peace Bell, the ILFO will light a Peace Candle to symbolically signal the start of Peace One Day Celebration. After lighting the candle, the prayer service  over the P.A. will follow. Then the planting of Peace Pole and Blessing of Peace Garden will be facilitated by the VCAR and ILFO.

At around 9:00AM there will be a Prayer Vigil at the Capilla to be facilitated by the different classes in Christian Living, Social Studies and English for the GS Department; CL and Rel. Ed./Theology in HS & College respectively. The mysteries of the Holy Rosary will be intended for Peace.

The information about the Peace Pole and Peace Garden will be discussed through daily bulletin entries  and be integrated in the CL and Soc. Stud. for a better understanding before the Peace One day Celebration.

All students are encouraged to sign in the Peace Wall and write there- (Whom will I make Peace With?) and promise to fulfil his/her pledge.

At the sound of Peace Bell in the afternoon at 3:00PM it will signal the closing ceremony through a final song for Peace.

We hope that through our  initiatives we can make a difference in making the spark of light shine throughout the world.

Good luck and a more peaceful community ahead!


Prepared by:
Ms. Edna Yanga