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Reminder & Reiteration of Important Revised Policies
Post by: Angela Recio | 6/2/2014 8:25:38 AM
This is to reiterate and to remind the entire Lasallian community of the following standing policies of the school in view of the opening of the Academic Year 2014-2015. Please be guided accordingly.
  1. Safety and security
    1. No obstruction at vehicular entrance - Employees who are unloading dependent students and checking in for attendance at our biometric system at the College Lobby are advised to park their vehicles properly first,instead of leaving them parked parallel to the loading/unloading lane causing congestion to the flow of vehicular traffic particularly during peak hours.
    3. Office keys - Office keys are released by guards only to personnel authorized to receive these for respective offices. All keys are expected to be returned to the respective guard stations at the latest by the end of the working day. Employees are not allowed to have duplicates of office keys made. (Employees' Manual 2009 Ed., Appendix R - A.1)
    5. Doors, windows - Offices must never be left with windows and front doors open when there are no office staff members inside. Tha last staff member to leave is to see to it that all windows are closed and that the front door is locked. (Employees' Manual 2009 Ed., Appendix R - A.3)
    7. Overnight parking - Vehicles are not allowed to park overnight without prior approval of the Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor for Administration. For whatever reasons, should the vehicle be left parked inside the campus overnight, the owner or driver of the vehicle shall secure an overnight clearance from the Security Detachment Office. (Employees' Manual 2009 Ed., Appendix O - Campus Access Policies and Procedures Section 5.8) DLSL reserves the right to have vehicles parked overnight without prior permission towed out of the campus.
  2. General Housekeeping
    1. Use of electricity - School equipment and gadgets that consume electricity are to be turned off when not in use. Electronic gadgets are to be unplugged at the end of the working day. Office lights are to be turned off by the last staff member to leave the office. (Employees' Manual 2009 Ed., Appendix R - B.2 and Project Carbon Neutral initiative)
    3. Personal equipment - Personal appliances and gadgets should not be used to perform official tasks. Plugging personal gadgets such as video tape recorders, television sets or cellular phone chargers into office electrical sockets is not allowed. (Employees' Manual 2009 Ed., Appendix R - B.3) All stakeholders are therefore discouraged to bring personal equipment to campus. Any loss of personal equipment or valuables will not be the liability of the school.
    5. Telephones - All office phones are for official business use only. Personal calls should be made over public pay phones. Long distance calls should be logged in log books available in offices with phones which are used for such purposes. (Employees' Manual 2009 Ed., Appendix R - B.4)
    7. Cleaning of offices - General housekeeping and cleaning of offices shall be done by the occupants and clerical assistances and shall not be the responsibility of the housekeeping/janitorial staff. This is to prevent the occurance of losses and to minimize cost on housekeeping staff. (Per VCAd instructions as of AY 2012-2013)
    9. Liquidation - The meal subsidy is considered a fixed amount as stated and therefore will no longer require the submission of official receipts or liquidation.
  3. Transportation (excerpts from Fleet Management OPS-GSD-PO-009)
    1. Single passenger policy - Only officer of executive offices, from Deans, Directors, Principal and up are allowed to make single passenger official business trips using DLSL vehicles. The only exception to this rule is during marketing campaigns or in other unavoidable circumstances provided the trip is approved by the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellors. All other official business trips by a single faculty or staff shall take public transportation. A transportation allowance of P500.00 is given to cover or subsidize transportation expenses. This allowance is a fixed amount and does not require liquidation.
    3. Incidental travel, stops and side-trips - Drivers are not allowed to use DLSL vehicle for personal purposes, however, the exception to this rule are incidental stops like at a restaurant for a meal, an automatic teller machine (ATM), urgent care or emergency room, a gas station or convenience store. Drivers shall not make incidental stops at locations that the public would perceive as inappropriate like gaming and gambling venues, liquor outlets and other locations where it is unlikely that any DLSL business or allowable incidental vehicle use is involved. Drivers shall not entertain trips that are not listed on the Vehicle Reservation Slip and Vehicle Trip Ticket, unless otherwise overridden by virtue of executive privilege.
    5. Passenger's manifest - Only those enumerated in the Vehicle Reservation Form and Vehicle Trip Ticket shall board the vehicle. No hitchhiking is allowed. The policy may be overridden by virtue of executive privilege for as long as the hitchhiker is bound for the same destination.
  4. Air conditioning Policy - Air conditioning units for offices and faculty rooms should be turned on not earlier than 9:00 AM and turned off by 4:00 PM. Offices are encouraged to practice the 4-hour aircon use and to support our PCN initiatives.