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Use of Pedestrian Lanes in Campus
Post by: Angela Recio | 3/8/2016 10:10:26 AM
To ensure the safety of pedestrians inside the campus, designated pedestrian lanes or crosswalks have been painted with "zebra" lines for the convenience of the general public. Therefore, every member of the DLSL Community is urged to strictly observe and use the said markings.

In view of this, please be guided by the following:
  • Pedestrians MUST STRICTLY USE the yellow "zebra" lines whenever crossing at areas where there is vehicular activity. Nonetheless, pedestrians are still encouraged to "STOP, LOOK both ways, and LISTEN" for any oncoming vehicle prior to crossing.

  • Pedestrians MUST AVOID TEXTING WHILE WALKING. Texting while walking is hazardous since the phone is a distraction to the pedestrian instead of paying attention at the walk path.

  • Pedestrians MUST BE SENSITIVE AND MINDFUL of yielding vehicles by crossing swiftly so as not to cause build-up of traffic.

  • For a more orderly crossing, pedestrians must cross by keeping to the right of the "zebra" lines at all times.

  • Motorists MUST STRICTLY FOLLOW the designated "stop lines". These are the thick lines that extend across the pedestrian lanes and ensure safe distance between the pedestrians and the motor vehicle.

  • Motorists MUST NOT STOP, MUST NOT LOAD, MUST NOT UNLOAD and MUST NOT STOP over the "zebra" lines.

  • The campus enforces a "PEDESTRIAN PRIORITY" policy inside the premises. Motorists MUST OBSERVE PEDESTRIAN COURTESY by yielding or giving way to pedestrians at ALL TIMES.

  • The school implements a "NO BLOWING OF HORNS" policy. Not only does it distract ongoing classes and activities, it is also rude and impolite to blow horns at pedestrians crossing on pedestrian lanes.

It is expected that these pedestrian safety guidelines are observed not only inside the campus but outside as well.

For your information and guidance.