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Annual Physical Examination (APE) for PhilBritish-Cocolife Principal Members and Healthcard Non-members
Post by: Angela Recio | 4/5/2016 9:22:15 AM

Please be informed of the following schedules for the Annual Physical Examinations to be facilitated by Mary Mediatrix Medical Center:                      

For Healthcard Principal MembersApril 7 and 8, 20166:30am to 4:30pmOn-Site: DLSL Nursing Skills Laboratories, Mabini HallPlease refer to the specific details below (Letter A)
For Non-Healthcard MembersApril 11 to 25, 20167:00am to 4:00pmMary Mediatrix Medical CenterPlease refer to the specific details below (Letter B)


Basic procedures to be undertaken: 
(a) CBC (b) Urinalysis (c) Fecalysis (d) Chest X-Ray (e) Physical Exam with Eye Check-Up
Additional procedures for 35 years old and above: 
For Female - Cholesterol / FBS / ECG / Pap Smear   
For Male - Cholesterol / FBS / ECG

Validation of Recent Laboratory and Diagnostic Procedure Results: 
For co-workers with recent results of the following are exempted to undergo the said procedures. However, they are REQUIRED to submit the results to the IHS ON OR BEFORE the scheduled APE for evaluation and validation.                                 

Chest x-ray, ECG and laboratory proceduresfrom November 2015 onwards
Pap smear (female 35 years old and above)from May 2015 onwards

  *Non-submission of the results would mean non-exemption on medical procedures. 

Important Reminders:   

  1. Co-workers may get the specimen bottles (for stool specimen only) from the Institutional Health Services (IHS) starting April 6, 2016. Everyone is reminded to write their full name on the specimen bottle before submission. Urine specimen bottles will be provided during the actual APE.
  3. Co-workers who will undergo the cholesterol and FBS blood test are reminded to be on NPO (nothing by mouth) starting 12:00 midnight or equivalent to 8-10 hours fasting before the scheduled blood extraction.
  5. Co-workers are reminded that the APE is part of the requirements for the CLEARANCE. Compliance on the said procedure is a MUST.

  1. For Philippine British-Cocolife Principal Members (On-Site)
    TIMEAPRIL 7, 2016APRIL 8, 2016
    6:30amStart of Registration
    6:30am to 12:00nnIntegrated School / CITE / VCM OfficesAdmin Offices & Directorates / President's Office / VCAR Offices / CoN / CoL
    1:00pm to 4:30pmIntegrated School / CITE / VCM OfficesCEAS / CBEAM / CIHTM
    a1. The registration and blood extraction for Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) and cholesterol will be done starting 6:30am to co-workers who are 35 years old and above. (Ideal blood extraction time is from 6:30am to 8:00am).
    a2. Co-workers who will not be able to undergo the on-site APE on the said dates due to an official business or other valid reasons will have their APE at Mary Mediatrix Medical Center from April 11 to April 25, 2016. For assistance and reservation of slots, co-workers may directly call MMMC at Tel. 773-6800 local 1195 c/o Ms. Cath Castillo or Ms. Valerie Ong two (2) days prior to the co-workers' preferred schedule. Co-workers are required to bring their DLSL ID in order to be accomodated.
  3. For Non-Healthcard Members (at the Industrial Corporate Center, Mary Mediatrix Medical Center)
    b1. Heatlhcard Non-Members will be accommodated at Mary Mediatrix Medical Center's Industrial Corporate Center from April 11 to 25, 2016 (Monday to Saturday - 7:00am to 4:00pm) only. All fees will be shouldered by the school for those who will undergo the APE on the schedule as stated.
    b2. Co-workers must present the DLSL School IDs upon registration at the Industrial Nursing Station.
    b3. Co-workers who are 35 years and above must be at the venue on or before 8:00am for cholesterol and FBS blood extraction fasting requirement.
    b4. For assistance and reservation of slots, co-workers may directly call MMMC at Tel. 773-6800 local 1195 c/o Ms. Cath Castillo or Ms. Valerie Ong two (2) days prior to the co-workers' preferred schedule.
    b5. Co-workers who were hired on November 2015 onwards are exempted to undergo the APE. (Please refer to the list of co-workers who are required to undergo APE).
 For questions and clarifications, please call the HRD Office and look for Ms. Juliet Dimayuga at local 210. Thank you very much.