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Transfer of Fixed Asset Accountability
Post by: Angela Recio | 5/16/2016 4:27:18 PM
This is to reiterate that all transfer of location and transfer of accountability of equipment/fixed assets must be properly and promptly coordinated with the Inventory and Property Management Section (PMS). This is accomplished using the Inter-Office Asset Transfer Request (ATR).

Please ensure that this form is filled-out and duly approved by the signatories prior to any transfer of location or accountability, especially in cases when the person currently accountable has tendered resignation, retires or has ceased working with De La Salle Lipa. More so, in line with transfer of office assignments and administrative appointments, please ensure that all equipment and other accountabilities are transferred by the incumbent to the new appointee.

In the event that the accountability cannot be determined at the time of transfer, the accountability shall default to the Manager or the immediate superior in managerial capacity.

After the transfer has been consummated, a copy of the received/acknowledged ATR is forwarded to the IPMS for recording. ATR forms are available from the IPMS office.

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you very much.