Lasallian Partners Announcements
Healthcare Insurance for SY 2016-2017 (Effective June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2017)
Post by: Angela Recio | 5/23/2016 8:10:19 AM
Please be informed that the institution's healthcare provider will be under the service of Philippine British Assurance Company, Inc. in partnership with Cocolife. Please be guided of the enrolment procedures, mechanics and premium payment thru salary deductions:

Who Are Qualified For the Benefit?
  1. Permanent partners with at least three (3) years of continuous service - automatic membership.
  2. Partners who are permanent and whose 3rd year of continuous service fall within the School Year 2016-2017 - pro-rated premium payment scheme will apply.

Who May Apply for the Healthcard Thru Salary Deductions?
  1. Permanent partners' dependents.
  2. Permanent partners but with less than 3 years of continuous service and their dependents.
  3. Trial/Probationary partners and their dependents.
    Note: ALL FULL-TIME PARTNERS (permanent/trial/probationary) are considered PRINCIPAL MEMBERS and will automatically be enrolled under open private category.

Effective School Year 2011-2012
All permanent partners who were hired effective SY2011-2012 will shoulder 30% of the total amount of the healthcard premium (P12,800.00 x 30% = P3,840.00)

Who are considered qualified dependents?
For Married Partners

(a) Legal spouse up to 65 years of age
(b) Children at least 15 days old but below 21years old, single & unemployed

For Single Partners(a) Parents up to age 65, unemployed and dependent on the principal member
(b) Children of single parents at least 15 days old but below 21 years old, single & unemployed
Notes: a. Dependents should be by ranking (HIERARCHY) and NOT covered by any health insurance
          b. Dependents MUST be Philhealth qualified dependents. Otherwise, the principal member will shoulder the Philhealth coverage in case of hospitalization.

  1. Secure an enrolment form from designated offices.
    For Integrated School - Assistant Principals' Offices
    For the College - Dean's Offices
    For Administration - Directors' Offices, President's & VCs' Offices

  2. Accomplish the enrolment form COMPLETELY and submit to the HRD Office on or before WEDNESDAY, MAY 25, 2016 (No Extension).

For questions and clarifications, you may coordinate with Ms. Juliet Dimayuga of the HRD Office at local 210 or at 981-0011. Thank you for your compliance.