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Reiteration of Policy on Collection
Post by: Angela Recio | 6/1/2016 9:46:32 AM
This is to reiterate and to remind the entire Lasallian community of the following standing policies and procedures on collection.


The School has a centralized collection policy through the Cashier of the Financial Resource Department (FRD). Only the cashiers are authorized to receive payments in exchange for a DLSL Official Receipt (OR) as proof of payment. (lifted from FRD Manual of policies, guidelines, standards and procedures_Cashiering). 

Exceptions from the Above General Policy 

  • Cash sales from Chez Rafael (Hotel) which shall be remitted to the Cashier on a daily basis with the supporting daily sales summary report; 

  • Cash from merchandise sales of Presidential Management Office (PMO which shall be remitted on a daily basis. Authorized PMO personnel receiving payments will be issuing a Provisional Receipt (PR), duplicate of which, must be handed over to the Cashier upon remittance of collection; 

  • Admission Testing Fees from partner testing sites outside DLSL, AND Admission Testing Fees received during Saturdays, which must be remitted within the next day after the activity, following the protocol on the use of the Provisional Receipt (PR); and 

  • Requests for Collections as requested by the Department Heads or Student Organizations duly endorsed and approved by the Deans/Directors and Vice Chancellors, respectively, 

Such request must be forwarded to the FRD manager. The FRD Manager shall approve the request and determine the manner of collection (either through a class representative or through the Cashier). The following must support the request for collection: 

  • Duly created depository account (following the guidelines on the creation of a depository account) 

  • Program of Activities duly approved by the Student Activities Office and/or respective Deans 

  • Breakdown / Computation of amount requested for collection 

In no other circumstances where payments shall be collected from the students and/or faculty members other than through the Cashier. DLSL shall not be held responsible for collections made by unauthorized personnel through improper channels. 

Violations of the requirement of the above stated policy may constitute a basis for discipline in accordance with the provision of the Employee's Manual. Please be guided accordingly. 

Thank you very much.