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All sections that I intend to enroll are closed. What should I do?
Post by: Jerwin M. Lasin | 8/15/2013 10:16:21 AM
If you are a graduating student and if you really need the subject to be offered as indicated in your curriculum prospectus, you could petition for the opening of tutorial class. Application for tutorial summer class starts on February; April for the 1st semester and September for the 2nd semester. Process for the application for the opening of tutorial classes:
  1. Secure a copy of Application Form for Tutorial Classes from your Academic Adviser
  2. Accomplish the form and enlist all your remaining subjects for the next semesters, it will be the basis for the approval of your request.
  3. Submit the form to your Academic Adviser for evaluation. If found eligible to graduate in any semester or until summer of next school year, your adviser will endorse your application to the OCR
  4. Submit the approved Application for Tutorial Classes signed and endorsed by your adviser to your Curriculum and Evaluation In-Charge at the Office of the College Registrar.
  5. Your Curriculum and Evaluation In-Charge will issue the Application for Tutorial classes.
  6. Accomplish the form and have it signed and approved by the appropriate administrators/personnel. If you are undergraduate students, you could petition for the offering of a special class. Please visit your Curriculum and Evaluation In-Charge for further info. You may also choose other subjects with available slots. For subject which requires subject pre-requisite you may only be allowed to enroll if you had already taken and passed the pre-requisite subject. You may visit your Curriculum and Evaluation In-Charge at the office of the College Registrar to process your request for special class and/or tutorial classes.