Site Policies
De La Salle Lipa’s official World Wide Web site has been on the Internet since 1997. It's web address is The web site is maintained by the school as a public service by way of making information about its operations available to the general public so that transactions with the school, if any should occur as a consequence, may be facilitated. Users of the web site are, therefore, advised of the following end-user policies: Information posted at this web site, as a matter of procedure, is verified before posting. Inasmuch as DLSL is, today, a large organization, occasional communication lapses are, at times, inevitable. DLSL, therefore, takes no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences that may occur as a result of information posted at the web site. End-users who notice erroneous postings are encouraged to send in corrections by e-mail to or by calling the Marketing Communications Department office at (63-43) 981-1100.

E-mail addresses and PABX local numbers of key personnel are posted on this web site. End-users are advised to use these only for legitimate transactions. Use of these contact information for invasive means will be reported to the proper authorities for action.

Digital photographs and other graphics posted in the web site are properties of DLSL. Use of these photographs and graphics in other web sites for demeaning or derogatory purposes is strictly prohibited. Appropriate action will be taken against end-users who violate this policy.