Mission Statement

"To be a sign of faith as an excellent educational institution, sharing in the Lasallian mission of teaching minds, touching hearts and transforming lives."

Sign of Faith

We, as members of the DLSL community, are living proofs of man's closeness with God and deep spirituality. One of the Lasallian values which is fundamental to our Lasallian identity is the spirit of faith. Thus, quoting from the article "Foundational Principles of Lasallian Formation" (Guiding Principles of the Philippine Lasallian Family - Published by the Philippine Lasallian Family 2005):

The spirit of faith flows from a relationship of communion with the Triune God who wills to save all people by drawing them into a life-giving communion with Him and with one another. In the Lasallian tradition, the spirit of faith is a spirit that allows one to:

  • Discover God's active presence in His Word, in men and women, in the poor, in nature, in history and in ourselves;
  • Judge and evaluate things in the light of the gospel;
  • Search for God's will in order to carry out His saving plan;
  • Unite one's actions to the ongoing saving action of God in the world; and
  • Trust in God's loving presence and providence when acting or discerning God's will.

The spirit of faith is a disposition of the mind and heart that (1) allows believers to interpret, judge and evaluate reality in the light of the Gospel; (2) moves and motivates them to contribute actively to the fulfillment of God's saving plan; (3) enables them to take necessary risks and act with boldness in accomplishing what is demanded by each situation, placing their trust in God's providence to guide, sustain and make fruitful their efforts.