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Grade 2 Assignment August 8, 2016
Post by: Jerwin M. Lasin | 8/8/2016 1:35:24 PM
Grade 2
August 8, 2016

1.    Regular schedule starts tomorrow.
2.    Use Small bag with the following:
a.    Assignment Notebook.
b.    Pencil with eraser.
c.    Snacks and packed lunch.
d.    Pad paper.
e.    Name tag.

3.   Please cover and label your books and notebooks properly except the  
           sketch pad.
4.    On Wearing of School Uniform
           a.  Old students – August 15
           b.    New students – August 22
 5. Wear your P.E. Uniform:
                 Monday: BG 113 and 114
                 Wednesday: BG 109
                 Thursday: BG 110
                  Friday: BG 111 and 112
        Only plain white shirt shall be allowed as replacement.
6.    Wear type B uniform every first Friday. Pair it with dark blue/black jeans,  
        white socks and rubber shoes.
7. On Lunch Break Policy:
          a.    Students are required to have their lunch inside the classroom.
          b.  Parents/Guidance are not allowed to supervise.
8. The following were given:
          a.  Class Schedule
          b. Students Individual File (SIF)
          c.  Please accomplish and return the reply slip on or before (August 15).
          d.  Format of Excuse Letter.         
9.   Mission Collection is every Tuesday.
10.  Health inspection is every Monday.
11.  Bring Your Own Utensils. (BYOU) will be strictly implemented.
12.  Haircut inspection is every first Monday.
          (Barber’s cut 2x3).