Integrated School Learning Resource Center

The Integrated School has three Learning Resource Centers. GSLRC is the library for the Grade School Community (Preschool to Grade 6); HSLRC is the library for the Junior and High School Learning Communities (Grade 7 – Grade 12) and AV Center is the repository of all the audio-visual materials.

Mission Statement
The LRC aims to serve and meet the demands of students, researchers, and educators in their quest for knowledge and information to become more Literate, Resourceful, and Cognizant to the changing times, leading them to become Doers, Learners, Sharers and Leaders.


To provide materials and resources of varied topics and interests that contribute to lifelong learning. To support the school’s curriculum by providing the needs of both teachers and students for all print and non-print materials.

To provide consulting assistance in the use of instructional communcations media and the new emerging information technologies.

To offer updated information among the library customers.



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