Integrated School Learning Resource Center
Sections, Collections & Classifications

Sections in the Library

  • Depository Section
    where researchers deposit things before going to the readerís area.
  • Readers and Reference Service Counter
    where the borrowing and returning of books take place.
  • Conference Room
    where small meetings take place.
  • Information Technology Room (IT room)
    the area for CD-ROM searching and internet surfing.
  • Periodical Section
    for information file of magazines and newspaper articles, pamphlets, loose or bound issues of magazines and journals.
  • Viewing Section
    the area where students have their filmviewing and powerpoint presentation. Students are allowed to go to this area only if they are accompanied by their subject teachers.
  • Reading Loft
    is one of the reading areas of the LRC where students are free to stay while reading a book or making their assignments. (GSLRC)

The Collection

  • General Collection
    contains the most number of the library collection. All the non-fiction books which may be borrowed for home use are found here.
  • Filipiniana Collection
    contains all materials or publication about the Philippines, its people and culture.
  • Reference Collection
    contains the general reference books which researchers consult for facts and information. Examples are encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, almanacs and others. Books under this area are not intended for home use.
  • Professional Collection
    contains professional reading materials which are intended for faculty use only.
  • Lasalliana Collection
    contains materials and publications about St. John Baptist De La Salle and other Lasallian saints and brothers. These are published by La Salle schools and other institutions.
  • Easy Book Collection
    contains easy reading materials for children like picture books and coloring books, wordless books and others. (GSLRC)

Location Symbol of the Collection

  • Gen. - General Collection
  • Fil - Filipiniana Collection/
  • Fic - Fiction Collection
  • Ref - Reference Collection
  • Prof. - Professional Collection
  • LC - Lasalliana Collection
  • E - Easy Book Collection

Classification and Arrangement

The LRC uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) which classifies all materials as follows:

  • 000-099 General Works
  • 100-199 Philosophy and Psychology
  • 200 - 299 Religion
  • 300 - 399 Social Sciences
  • 400 - 499 Languages
  • 500 - 599 Pure Sciences
  • 600 - 699 Applied Sciences and Useful Arts
  • 700 - 799 The Arts
  • 800 - 899 Literature
  • 900 - 999 History, Biography and Geography