Integrated School Learning Resource Center
User's Guide

General Guidelines

  1. Upon entering, the students are required to deposit their things (bags, folders, umbrellas, and the like) at the depository section.
  2. The library practices the “NO ID, NO ENTRY” policy.
  3. The library is the place only for silent reading, studying and researching. Group discussion, project making, tutoring, eating, and sleeping are strictly prohibited.
  4. A user showing misbehavior (i.e. talking aloud, disturbing othes, vandalizing, littering, mutilating library materials, etc.) is subject to disciplinary action.
  5. Users are expected to keep things in order before leaving the place.

Borrowing ProcedureFor Students

  1. A student must present his/her ID upon borrowing.
  2. Borrowing of books should be done only at the circulation counters situated at the 1st and 2nd floor of the LRC building.
  3. Every student has the following privileges:
    1. The library practice the open-shelf system wherein researchers could go directly to the shelves and pull out the books needed.
    2. Students can borrow a total of 2 books from each collection except books with location symbol (Ref) for one week.
  4. Reserved books can be borrowed at 4:00-5:00 pm and to be returned at 7:00 am of the following day.
  5. Students should voluntarily present the borrowed books to the person on duty at the exit door for rechecking.
  6. Borrowed books are to be returned at the Reader’s services counter only; thus leaving them elsewhere does not relieve the borrower of his/her responsibility.
  7. LRC imposes (2) two-peso fine per day for overdue books, journals and non print materials.

Borrowing Procedure For Co-Workers

  1. A co-worker must present his/her ID upon borrowing any material from the LRC.
  2. Teachers’ reference materials i.e. print and non-print (except for CD-ROMS) may be borrowed at the start of the school year; renewal is on a quarterly basis. Fiction and general interest books may be borrowed for two (2) weeks only.
  3. “Reserved” books may be borrowed for overnight use from 4:00 pm and to be returned at 8:00 am of the following day.
  4. Books with location sysmbol “Ref”, which stands for “reference” are for inside reading only. Bringing them outside the LRC premises are allowed only if the books will be used as visual material for a particular class, and should be returned within the day.
  5. Current periodical materials (magazines, newspapers, journals) are for inside reading only, but the old and back issues of magazines may be borrowed for a period of one (1) week.
  6. LRC imposes (2) two-peso fine per day for each overdue book, journal and non print material.
  7. GSLRC accomodates (1) one class, HSLRC accomodates (2) two classes at a time, while AV Center accomodates 6 classes. Reservation on the use of the 3 LRC’s should be placed one (1) week or (3) three days before the scheduled date of use.
  8. The subject teacher must stay with the class for the duration of library work or filmviewing activity.
  9. Borrowed materials and equipment, if found damaged, will be the responsibilty of the last borrower. Damaged or lost book, materials and equipment must replaced with the same latest edition or model.
  10. It is important that a teacher knows how to use the equipment before his/her presentation.