Integrated School Learning Resource Center
Audio Visual Center

Mr. Edgar Garcia
Audio Visual Librarian

Mr. Cris Torres
Audio Visual Technician

Monday - Friday

Tel. No. 756-5555 loc. 260

General Guidelines in the use of AV Resources

  1. Use of all AV resources, (equipment, non-print materials AV Rooms) is on a first come first served basis. Only faculty members  or subject teachers are allowed to borrow AV materials and equipment. Students who wish to use these materials should secure consent from their subject teacher. However, the teacher takes full responsibility of the borrowed AV materials.
  2. A borrower should present and leave his/her ID upon claiming the reserved material or equipment.
  3. Borrowed  materials/equipment, if found damaged, will be the responsibilty of the last borrower. Damaged or lost materials and equipment will be replaced with the same latest edition or model.
  4. Borrowed material or equipment should be returned to the AV Center office after use at the end of the day.

AV Rooms

The use of AV Rooms, materials and equipment is limited to classroom instruction (film showing, powerpoint presentation) and teaching purposes only. However, use of these materials aside from the abovementioned purpose is subject to availability and approval of the LRC head.

The following are some of the academic related activities that may be held in the AVRooms.

  • Quiz bee
  • Departmental meetings
  • Seminar workshop
  • Activities that require use of facilities (dim light, sound system)

For proper care and maintenance of the AV rooms, the following should be observed and followed:

  1. AV rooms must not  be  used by the students  without the presence of their teachers. Students should immediately leave the rooms after their subject period.
  2. Users should always observe proper decorum in using the AV rooms. Silence should be observed. Loitering/littering, eating and vandalizing are prohibited.
  3. Students should not operate any equipment without permission from the AV Center staff.
  4. Users should push back the chair after use.
  5. In case the equipment/material is damaged due to the users negligence, the teacher or student using it is liable.
  6. Bringing any material/equipment and supplies outside the AV room is prohibited.

Reservation Procedures

On Filmshowing/Powerpoint Presentation/Filmslide/Filmstripviewing

  1. Check for the availability of the desired service, on the planned date of use.
  2. Reserve the room two weeks before the scheduled date of activity. One week for pre-reserve and the other week is allotted for confirmation of the posted schedule.
  3. Fill out the reservation form available at the AV Center office and have it noted by the Curriculum Coordinator.
  4. Submit the completed form to the AV Center office and have it approved by the staff at least 3 days before the scheduled date of use.
  5.  The requestor should secure the duplicate copy of the approved request.
  6. The requestor should test the equipment or material before the presentation. If it is a Power Point presentation, the teacher or the student should save it in the PC or laptop a day before the scheduled date.
  7. In case the activity is scheduled during weekends, a letter of permission noted by the Principal should be attached to the reservation form together with the Memorandum of Agreement. Requestor is accountable for any damage or problems occured on the duration of his/her activity.
  8. Unreserved schedule use of AV room is discouraged. Walk in reservation is subject for approval of AV Center personnel and availability of equipment.


Overhead Projector installed in the Classroom

  1. Teachers are to log-on in the monitoring sheet attached to the OHP cart every time they use the OHP.
  2. Users should unplug the cords and return the equipment on the cart after use.
  3. If the equipment is not functioning , the AV Center personnel should be informed immediately.
  4. Return the monitoring sheet at the end of the last period in the afternoon at the AV Center office.

On AV Materials

AV materials include VHS tapes, cassette tapes, slides, transparencies, CDs, DVDs, maps, charts, posters and pictures.

To borrow any material for classroom purposes, borrower should have the request approved by AV Center staff. Borrower should present the approved request form upon claiming the reserved material.

Materials that will be used for classroom instructions like VHS tapes, DVD, CD, may be borrowed for previewing at home for a maximum of one week; provided these materials may be borrowed for home viewing only during Friday and to be returend the following Monday.

LCD and Laptop, Lapel and Wireless Personal PA Amplifier (Mi-Pro)

This equipment may be borrowed for the following purposes: IS faculty meeting, departmental meeting and other school related activities usually  a major events held in large venues, such as SENTRUM and gymnasiums. For instructions and teaching purposes, the use is limited to AVRs. Borrowing of these equipment for classroom use is discouraged.