Nursery 1,2
& Kinder
The Preschool Department of the Integrated School is committed in providing kids with a happy and stimulating environment that will foster the development of social, emotional and psychomotor skills. Pupils are trained to be well-rounded individuals who show confidence as they interact with their teachers and classmates.

Children are becoming more interested in their environment and the people they share it with. They learn to play and interact with others, generally exploring the world around them.

- Star Pupil
- Small Group Activity
- Creative Thematic Activities

STAR PUPIL is a program intended for the Nursery, & Kinder pupils. It aims to develop the self-confidence and social skills of the pupils. It helps the children become themselves to discover their passions and their abilities and to put them to use in making theworld a better place.

SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY (SGA) is a program that bridges the gap for students who are lagging below grade level and give them the skills they need to achieve academic success. The major function of the said activity is to provide instructional services to a wide variety of students.