Learning Resource Center
Post by: Jerwin M. Lasin | 7/17/2013 2:34:32 PM


The Learning Resource Center (LRC) can be regarded as a generator of information in both print and non print materials. It carries thousands of holdings that are divided according to Dewey Decimal classification.

The general guidelines for the use of the LRC are as follows:

The school ID should be worn at all times while inside the LRC. School ID with barcode is used for borrowing any library materials. Any transactions in the LRC need the school ID. The NO ID-NO ENTRY policy is strictly implemented.

Inappropriate attire is not allowed. Please be guided with the D.O. prescribed dress code. Dress code applies to all areas of the school campus.

SILENCE and ORDERLINESS should be maintained. Respect and courtesy are expected. Do away with loitering and littering.

Upon entrance at the main library, students are to be counted, kindly press the numbering machine with the corresponding college you belong.

Bags are not allowed inside the book section.

All books taken from the Book Section should pass through the Readers Services counter.

Books are to be used properly. Leaning, writing on them must be avoided. Mutilation of any library property is strictly prohibited. Anyone found guilty of such act will be subjected to disciplinary action.

Only four (4) students are allowed in one table. Doing art projects are discouraged.

Cellular phones and similar electronic devices must be turned off or put to silent mode.

Laptops/I-pad may be used inside the LRC with its own battery and without the use of the librarys power supply

Food and drinks are strictly prohibited.

The LIBRARY is a place for study and research. Your cooperation to maintain QUIET, ORDERLY and CLEAN environment is very much appreciated.

Bystanders will be advised to leave the LRC so that all researchers and information seekers can be accommodated.

Wi-Fi access is for learning/research purposes only. Activation is at the Readers Services Counter.

Personal belongings brought in the reading area must be submitted voluntarily for inspection before leaving the LRC.

Users caught bringing out (theft) library materials without permission shall be dealt with appropriate disciplinary actions.

For repeated or serious violations of guidelines, the Librarian may recommend to the Discipline Officer the suspension of any or all privileges of a student.