College Learning Resource Center

The College LRC is an indispensable part of the institution. It aims to support the instrucional, curricular and research program through organized, updated and relevant collection for information and library services.

The collections consist of about 38,000 books, audio visual materials (transparencies, slides, DVD, CD-ROM, VHS, etc.), equipment (OHP, LCD, Laptop, digicam, DVD camera, video camera, etc.) Periodicals, pamphlets, theses and other related information files such as clippings, newsletters,, annual reports, etc. are maintained. These are searchable through OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and maintained to access the open shelves collection. Books are classified according to Dewey Decimal Classification System. Also available are the card catalog in case of power interruption. It also has an internet laboratory with a total of 80 computer units and a separate library and professional collections for nursing students and law students.

The College LRC is an institutional PAARL (Philippine Association of Academic and Research Libraries) member and NOCEI Library committee member