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  Dealing with students in crisis  
  Post by: Jerwin M. Lasin | 5/20/2013 2:37:04 PM  

  "Students in Crisis, How Can We Help Them?" - this was the forum's compelling theme held on May 6, 2013 at the Diokno Auditorium, Sen. Jose Diokno Hall in De La Salle Lipa, to address one of the most dreaded issues that needs immediate attention. The event, organized by the Vice Chancellor for Mission division, was intended to equip the public schools' faculty members from 71 public schools in Batangas, with first hand facts and first aid know-how in dealing with students who are going through an emotional breakdown and those who are being bullied. One of the resource speakers, Atty. Ramel Muria, DLSL faculty, discussed "Anti-Bullying: Policies and Mechanics." His subject matter was broken down to several interconnected topics: 1) Meaning and Relevant Concepts of Bullying under D.O. No. 40, Series of 2012; 2) "Dealing with Bad Kids" through "Preventive Measure and Protective Measures;" 3) the "Procedures in Handling Bullying Incidents in School;" and 4) "Child Protection." The next part of the seminar was led by Dr. Dinah Palmera P. Nadera, the resource speaker on "Understanding Suicide and Facts about It." Based on the "Suicide First Aid Guidelines," she discussed suicide prevention for her first topic; secondly, "Understanding Suicide;" and presented the local suicide data, such as, suicide rates, suicide reporting, and risk factors. To make sure everyone kept close attention to pertinent details of the discussion, a quiz was given by Dr. Nadera, to commence the second part of her session. Subsequently, she shared the "Suicide Warning Signs," and lastly, she presented the "Suicide First Aid Guidelines for the Philippines." Share