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  Observance of The Lasallian Earth Day (LED) 07-05-2013  
  Post by: Jerwin M. Lasin | 7/3/2013 4:58:39 PM  

  The Lasallian Earth Day is built upon the concept of Earth Day where everyone is encouraged to observe 'green' practices to address the issues of climate change and global warming. However, instead of the annual Earth Day observance, the LED shall be done monthly. The Modern Conduct of Schools - Facilities and Environmental Program Management Commission, (MCS-FEPM) under the Lasallian Institute for the Environment (LIFE) have elected the first (1st) Friday of each month as the designated LED. The LED program shall be based on the following monthly themes in relation to the framework developed for MCS-FEPM: July - Carbon Neutrality August - Risk Reduction Management and Emergency Preparedness September - Water Resources October - Biodiversity November - Environmental Education December - Green Procurement January 2014 - Regulatory Compliance February - Green Building March - Occupational Safety and Health April - Data Management For the LED, the entire Lasallian Community is enjoined to: wear something GREEN (may be a green shirt but could be as simple as pinned green ribbons, arm bands, buttons and the like); observe GREEN HOUR, where lights will be turned-off for an hour (the time shall be determined by each academic and administrative units TO SUIT THEIR RESPECTIVE CONDITIONS); attend Holy Mass (where prayer intentions are tied up with the monthly themes) Share