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  CBEAM faculty to target international conference in Japan  
  Post by: Jerwin M. Lasin | 8/27/2013 9:24:21 AM  

  Four research abstracts emanated from the workshop facilitated by Dr. Gerardo L. Largoza, chair at the DLSU School of Economics. Abstracts formulated are for submission to the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Graduate School of Management 2014 Winter Conference.

The three-day seminar workshop held June 6-7 at the LIRD lounge was part of the ORPs research agenda of presentation and publication of research outputs in international setting.

Participated in by the faculty members of CBEAM and CIHTM, the proposed topics were: Impact Evaluation of two-year "Its More Fun in the Philippines," Traditional versus online pedagogies for marketing education, Matching accounting competencies to employer expectations and K-12 tracking and predictors of national competitiveness.

Dr. Largoza emphasized three things researchers need to consider for international publication such as: selecting an appropriate journal and following it, having clear peer-review designs before collecting data and positioning in terms of what is known.

Part of the three-day workshop was the session devoted to perfecting grammar and concision, writing clear sentences and coherent paragraphs which are very important tools for researchers to organize their research paper.

A series of mentoring will be done by Dr. Largoza to the faculty researchers. From July-October, target workshops will be on methods, design and results respectively.