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  FSLE Scholars in Throwback Exposé  
  Post by: John Lawrence G. Carandang | 9/26/2013 9:39:49 AM  

  Scholars left their pile of paper works in academics for a while as they engage in a one-day exposure trip on September 6 in Intramuros, Manila.

This year's exposure trip was considered a 'throwback expose'
where scholars under the supervision of Henson Ola, LAMP Manager, and Jhing Mias, LAMP Staff, experienced the ambiance of the countrys rich heritage in the Walled City of Intramuros. There were different significant places visited and some interactive historical activities participated in by the scholars which made this jaunt memorable and meaningful for everyone.

First, the group had a time to tour along the Intramuros villages where they saw some ancestral houses and establishments.

Moving to the Fort Santiago, scholars were fortunate to witness and be directly involved in two theater plays sponsored by Heroes Square. One play was about the life of Dr. Jose Rizal - a musical genre which attracted the audience to watch attentively. Another play was about building a faction of Katipuneros headed by the supremo, Andres Bonifacio. This theater was somewhat different from the common plays because it required audience to be directly involved in the whole play. Scholars acted as Katipuneros. A random part of the play required audiences participation to find a character named "Kalayaan" (independence) inside the Walled City. The play portrayed the significance of a nations journey to independence.

To enjoy more sites and amenities in Fort, the group rode a 'Kalesa' around the area and enjoyed picture-taking opportunities. Moreover, they had the chance to watch an audio visual presentation about the history of Intramuros.

After the exhausting-yet-fun experience inside the Fort Santiago, the whole group proceeded to Planetarium and later on witnessed the different and unique 'obras' inside the National Museum for the Arts, then moved to Luneta Park where the Manila tour ended.

After going to different places in Manila, the FSLE group traveled going to Mario's Kitchen in Makati City to take some rest and enjoy the refreshments sponsored by Ms. Caress Banson, FSLE President.

The FSLE Exposure Trip 2013 was successfully done as manifested by the words of the scholars after the whole-day activity.

"This was really a throwback!" - a realization said by Mary Noemi Cruz, BSBA-Marketing 3rd year student and one of the batch 11 FSLE scholars.