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  IAU Confab Cites DLSL's Sustainable Efforts  
  Post by: Catherine Perez | 12/1/2016 2:50:41 PM  

  International Association of University's newest member, De La Salle Lipa, took the opportunity to participate in the former's 15th General Conference themed "Higher Education: A Catalyst for Innovative and Sustainable Societies."

On November 13-16, 2016, hundreds of delegations from various universities across the globe converged for the event in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by four universities, Chulalongkorn University, Siam University, Sunaree University of Technology, and Asian Institute of Technology.

Consistent with the theme, the conference focused on "sharing strategies and practices that demonstrate how higher education institutions contribute to innovation and sustainability. Equally importantly, the Conference will determine what more HEI's can do, especially through IAU, to become true catalyst for change."

Topics on "The impact of ICT developments on society and its spillover on higher education; innovation and sustainable development through higher education leadership, research and curriculum; opening up higher education for inclusive societies," among others, were tackled in the plenary sessions. In addition, interactive case study presentations relative to the theme were also featured by university representatives from Pakistan, Sweden, India, The Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland, to name a few.

As an educational institution actively engaged in sustainable advocacies, DLSL was cited twice in the course of the discussions, acknowledging its efforts for taking concrete steps in addressing environmental issues.

The DLSL delegation was headed by its President and Chancellor, Br. Dante Amisola FSC, together with Chief Finance Officer, Jhyn Concordia, Vice Chancellor for Administration, Engr. Isidro Frio, Executive Offices Director, Dfezie Tipan, Linkages and International Relations Director, Cecil Quigley, Research and Publications Director, Edgar Allan Castro, and College of Nursing Dean, Dr. Alice Barte.