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  DLSL's Digital Campus Innovation for the Ultimate Client Experience  
  Post by: Catherine Perez | 4/21/2017 5:17:28 PM  

  As the institution embarks on a digital frontier, members of the DLSL community are engaged in the development and progress of the project that will greatly benefit everyone.  Changes and repercussions have been discussed initially to multi-sector representatives while other members are taking turns in partaking in town hall meetings to acquire the necessary information related to their area.

The recent assembly was composed of around 600 student leaders from the colleges, led by the Student Government and the Council for Student Organization at the SENTRUM on March 15, 2017. 

Chief Strategy and Advancement Officer (CSAO), Arnold Capuloy, initiated the meeting by presenting the improvements underway, followed by the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Jose Orlando Lozada, who provided a walk-through of the institution's Digital Campus Framework.

From pre- to post-engagement, De La Salle Lipa's Digital Campus project will deliver optimized services through an innovative channel to achieve total client experience.

The CTIO underscored the highlights such as the Learning Management System (LMS), which will be the core of the academe's platform in virtual interaction between teachers and students through video conference, email, personal message and chat; centralized source of information and education; and utilization of blended learning, to name a few. LMS will take education to new heights, as learning practically takes place anytime and anywhere.

Another focus of the Digital Campus that was discussed was the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This will allow students to bring their own gadget to access LMS or other online platforms for education without requiring the purchase of a specific brand of device or operating system due to DLSL's device-agnostic network. 

Another new feature to be introduced in the next school year is the Network Electronic Transaction plus ID System (Next plus ID). This enhances security features on campus as it reports the exact time a student enters and exits the school premises. Students that are not enrolled in a particular subject cannot access the classroom or venue.  It could be used for cashless transactions in the cafeteria, bookstore and the like. Embedded in the existing function is the library access. 

Meanwhile, President and Chancellor, Br. Dante Jose Amisola FSC, was also in attendance and readily answered queries and addressed students' concerns. 

As the Digital Campus project is underway, more updates will be communicated to the DLSL community for the progress and any modifications.