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  "Parangal 2017: College of Law"  
  Post by: Catherine Perez | 6/6/2017 9:36:47 AM  

  In light of the successful turnout of the De La Salle Lipa College of Law 2016 Philippine BAR Examinations, it was only fitting to give thanks and celebrate the Lasallian lawyers' major achievement.

Beaming administrators, led by President and Chancellor, Br. Dante Amisola FSC, ecstatic professors and parents, jubilant new batch of Lasallian lawyers, and expectant Law students gathered on May 17, 2017 at the Cafe Le Barako of Chez Rafael in anticipation of the impending testimonial.

A message from the Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research, Dr. Alice Botardo, commenced the program. She recounted the events leading to the announcement of the 2016 Philippine BAR Examinations while they were having a VCAR Council meeting. She noticed the restless Dean Atty. Emerito Enginco of the College of Law could not contain his anxiety at that time until he received the complete list of passers. The VCAR and the rest of the group were only appeased upon learning the 100 percent passing rate and they could not be happier.

Guest, Dean Ed Vincent Albano of the Albano BAR Review Center, meanwhile had a simple but challenging initial statement in his remarks to the Lasallian Law students, "Review preparations start from the first day of school." He elucidated that the Filipino word "tiyaga" (perseverance) of the students in four years could potentially lead them to the results they are aspiring for.

Following the messages, the new Lasallian lawyers took turn in disclosing their varying and often bittersweet journeys. Atty. Karen Gaile L. Andaleon, JD took the podium first in an emotional state but managed to thank her mother for never leaving her side throughout her challenging Law student life. She likewise expressed her gratitude to each of her batchmates by reminiscing their memorable moments.

On the other hand, Atty. Carla Therese L. Arriola, JD once daydreamed at the first DLSL College of Law testimonial she attended. She dreamt that she would one day stand before the DLSL community and share her own take on the nerve-racking experience of reviewing for the BAR exams. But the irony of it was when her dream came true she stood before her fellow Lasallians struggling for words. But shortly after recovering, her most valuable tip to the students was her mantra when she was down and demotivated, "Don't forget what you're doing it for."

Talking about her own take meant sharing sorrow and pain, according to Atty. Kristine L. Castillo, JD. It was indeed bittersweet as her faith was put to the test on her initial BAR exams. She nonetheless redeemed herself and proved that her next exam would be answer to her prayers.

In the case of CPA sixth placer, Atty. Jillian Kristin A. Deveza, CPA, JD, it was one thing to pass the BAR exams but it was a totally different story to fall short of people's expectations who were counting on her to become the next topnotcher. Nevertheless, after realizing that God made her the bearer of good news (as she was the source of the institution's outstanding performance of 100 percent passing rate) it was more than enough consolation on her part.

The roaring crowd hinted the turn of another passer that the batch fondly calls as the class clown, Atty. Marianito L. Dio, Jr., JD. His punch lines did not disappoint the audience while he told his own story in the most comic way possible though it still contained the conflicts and hardships he encountered. A great testament to this was the opening of classes, which he called "the longest week of my life."

It would have been the best news to his loved ones if only the father of Atty. Roy Mikhail V. Galvez, JD made it to the announcement of the BAR passers. He passed away a week before the release of results and the young Lasallian lawyer said his father's smile would have been the best present for successfully overcoming the challenges he faced.

Meanwhile, Atty. Ian Jerrick B. Inandan, CPA, JD pondered on his decision to leave the job he has learned to love and appreciate in order to pursue and focus on his postgraduate degree. And after passing the exams, he experienced a flashback of everything he had been through and thought that it was all worth the sacrifices.

Finally, when Atty. Rowell B. Malabag, JD took the podium, the "Kuya (Big Brother) of Law School" was cheered in unison by the Law students. He used the venue to express his appreciation and thanked the institution and the people who supported him to complete his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. 

The College of Law School Dean Emerito Enginco wrapped up the occasion by citing the outstanding characteristics of each member of the batch. And as a final challenge to his beloved passers he reminded them of the first part of the Lasallian prayer - that they are "always in the presence of God."