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  Brothers League: Clash of the Legions  
  Post by: Catherine Perez | 8/4/2017 4:30:26 PM  

  Bound by fate and united in mission, the legions kept their eyes on the prize from beginning up to the very end of the battle. Lasallian Partners had the time of their life at the fun day when the eight legions under the Brothers League went head to head to win the ultimate title and reign the community.

More than 500 were in attendance to support the inaugural assembly and pledge allegiance to their respective legions on July 31, 2017 at the SENTRUM.

The eight legions, namely, St. Benilde (Red - Extraordinary), St. Jaime (Violet - Exceptional), St. Mutien Marie (Dark Blue - Vigilant), St. Miguel (Orange - Simplicity), St. Solomon (Yellow - Passionate), St. Cirilo (Gray - Skilled), St. Marciano (Light Blue - Explorer), and St. Julian (Green - Incredible), are dubbed after De La Salle Brothers who are full-fledged saints. Each of the group is assigned a color, the saint's outstanding trait, and inspired by the strength of a popular super hero.

With the leadership of the appointed Legion Chief and the assistance of six wise Legion Council of Elders per group, the teams diligently vied for the top prize. Seven games were prepared which were patterned after well-known television programs. The competition was designed to tap the different skills of the legions, from intellectual, physical, to artistic and decision-making abilities.

In the end, the ultimate winner was the Legion of St. Benilde; second place - Legion of St. Mutien Marie; third place - Legion of St. Miguel; followed by the following legions: St. Jaime, St. Julian, St. Marciano, St. Solomon, and St. Cirilo.

The Brothers League originated from the concept of the De La Salle - College of St. Benilde's Brothers House, which was also adopted by other La Salle schools. It aims to emulate the saints' outstanding characteristics, foster camaraderie and collaboration, and discover untapped potentials.