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Graduation Application Update
Post by: Office of the Registrar | 10/14/2016 10:27:27 PM


As of October 14, 2016


  1. Please be informed that the GradApp for Online Application for Graduation was already closed as of 4:30pm today.


  1. Summary List of students who applied for graduation and have successfully completed the required information was already posted for your reference.  The schedule of your interview was indicated in the list.  If there are inquiries with regard to the list, please visit the Office of the Registrar to inquire.


  1. Please take note of the schedule of your interview with your respective Enrolment and Evaluation In-Charge as indicated in the Summary List.


    1. Please be at the Registrar's Office at least ten (10) minutes before your scheduled interview. The interview will focus only on the evaluation of subjects taken to satisfy the completion of your respective curricula. It is a confirmation of the remaining subjects that you need to enrol and pass prior to graduation.


  1. For those who were not able to upload their pictures at the GradApp, please send your scanned pictures to this e-mail address:


    1. The picture should follow the following requirements: 2x2 recent ID picture, formal attire with white background.


For students who were not able to apply for graduation using the GradApp:


1.      Proceed to the Office of the Registrar to accomplish the Application for Graduation Matrix.

2.      Secure a copy of your Interview and Graduation Picture Taking Schedule.

3.      Secure a copy of the EVALUATION FORM FOR GRADUATING STUDENTS from the Office of the Registrar, from your Academic Advisers or at your respective College Secretaries.

    1. Only the remaining subjects for the 2nd semester or Summer should be listed in the Form. Leave the Column First Sem Subjects blank. However, if that column was already filled-up with the subjects currently being taken, there is no problem with that.

4.      Accomplish the Form and have it signed by your Academic Advisers.

5.      Bring the signed Form during your Interview Schedule and submit it to the  following Enrolment and Evaluation In-Charge respectively:


a.      Annabelle Balita   -  CIHTM, CEAS & CoN (Window 10)

b.      Remedios Lilia Punzalan - CBEAM and CoL (Window 8)

c.      Maria Russel Joy Mea  CITE (Window 11)


Extended Deadline for Manual Application is until October 17-21, 2016



REMINDER : You may view your grades online at the url: using your student accounts