is a Lasallian Pilgrimage and Renewal Program organized by De La Salle Lipa in 2007. It is highlighted by visits to sites in France, Belgium and Italy that are significant in the life of St. John Baptist de La Salle. SOJOURN brings together members of the Lasallian Family in the Philippines in a once-in-a lifetime spiritual experience.

It was conceived as a unifying activity for all Lasallian Schools in the Philippines in celebration of the 100th year of Lasallian presence in the Philippines. The SOJOURN Pilgrimage experience is designed to deepen the spiritual experience of Lasallian Family members by a physical return to our Lasallian roots.

Sojourn has been sending groups annually until 2012, which was the end of the centennial celebration.

Starting 2014, Sojourn became a biannual activity and attracted more participants.  In 2015, the program was officially adopted by the De La Salle Philippines and formed the Sojourn Coordinating Team (SCT) with the following composition:

Br. Michael Broughton FSC (DLSU) Pilgrimage Animator
Mr. Arnold Capuloy (DLSL) Chair, Secretariat and Virtual Office
Mr. Hector Gloria (USLS) Pilgrimage Coordinator
Mr. Aldino Gonzales (DLS-CSB) Pilgrimage Treasurer
Mr. Keane Palatino (DLSP) Director, Lasallian Mission Services
Ms. Celine Ocampo (DLSP) Coordinator, Lasallian Animation and Formation Office.
Ms. Grace Lazo (DLSP) Director, LMS

Who can join the SOJOURN?

SOJOURN is open to all members of the Lasallian Family like students, teachers, administrators, parents, alumni, BOT members, and benefactors who:
Are willing to know more about St. John Baptist de La Salle;
Are willing to share to others what the have learned;
Are prepared to travel abroad (spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially)

What are the places to be visited?

SOJOURN usually starts at the birthplace of St. John Baptist de La Salle and where he established his first school in Reims, France. While in Reims, pilgrims will visit the Notre Dame Cathedral de Reims, Palais de Tau, St. Remi Cathedral, College des Bons Enfants, Rue De La Salle, Lycee Saint Jean Baptist de La Salle (Rue Neuve/Contrai), Eglise St. John Baptist de La Salle, Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Child Jesus, tomb of Bl. Br. Arnould Reche. Trips to nearby towns of Liesse, Laon and Broulliet.

While in Northern France, the group will cross to Belgium to visit the shrine of St. Mutien Marie Waiux FSC in Malonne.

Next stop will be in Paris where St. John Baptist de La Salle established other schools. Among the significant places in Paris are Rue de Bac, Rue de Vaugirard, Rue St. John Baptist de La Salle, Rue Princesse, Rue de Sevres, and Church of St. Sulpice. Free time to visit the famous tourist spots in Paris is also included.

Pligrims will go southbound to Lourdes to visit the Grotte de Massabielle and bathe at the spring where Mother Mary appeared before St. Bernadette Soubirous.

, a small town in the mountainous region of Eastern France, became a very significant place because it was in Parmenie where St. John Baptist de La Salle had his retreat when he was facing a dilemma whether to continue the Brothers Institute or not. Here, the Pilgrims will live with the French Christian Brothers and will also have their retreat to be facilitated by a Filipino Brother.

Towards the last years of St. Jophn Baptist de La Salle, he established and ran a school for teachers and juvenile delinquents in Rouen, France located in the historic Normandy Region in Western France. There he died. In Rouen, the Pilgrims will see the original tomb of St. John Baptist de La Salle at St. Sever Church, his school at St. Yon, and another school at Aitre St. Maclou Church. This city became famous because of the French heroine who later became a Catholic Saint, Joan of Arc.

Last stop will be in Rome, Italy. There, the pilgrims will visit the Motherhouse of the Christian Brothers where the relics of St. John Baptist de La Salle are also kept. A visit to Vatican and an audience with the Pope will cap the pilgrimage.

In the past, Pilgrims also made side trips to Beauvais, Versailles, Lissieux, all in France and crossed the border to Belgium to visit Brugges and Brussels. All of these depends on time and funds available.

How much do I have to prepare?

We usually collect in 3 currencies: US Dollars, Euros, and Philippine Pesos.
Total contribution costs Php180,000 but depending on the number of pilgrims and prevailing exchange rates, the cost can still go down.

The fee will cover the following:

            Roundtrip Airfare (MNL-CDG-FCO-MNL)
            Airfare from France to Italy
            Travel Insurance
            Accommodation to Hotels and Diocesan Houses
            Chartered Coach
            Train and Metro Fares
            Pilgrimage Materials
            Sojourn Apparel
            Administrative Fee
            Entrance Fees
            Pre-determined Meals

Meals in France would usually range from 8 (Sandwich) to 15 (Complete meal). Breakfast is usually included.

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SOJOURN Contact Info
Mr. Arnold R. Capuloy
Chair, Secretariat & Virtual Office
+63 43 981-1155