Lasallian Brothers
The plan to transfer the Novitiate from Baguio to a more accessible place with a favorable climate paved the way for the coming of the De La Salle Brothers to Lipa more than fifty years ago. Some years later, the plan to put up a school was laid down. Construction of the school and the Brothers’ Residence began in January 29, 1962 through financial donations from the oil companies and Lipa’s Bishop Alejandro Olalia. Classes started on June 6, 1962 as Lasallian charism of faith, service and communion in mission began to permeate in the community. The impact of Lasallian education radiated throughout the province and even through nearby provinces as the school grew into a multi-level institution.

As De La Salle Lipa celebrates its Golden Jubilee, we pay tribute to the La Salle Brothers who left their footprints here in Lipa and were responsible for developing young men and women into productive citizens of the nation imbued with stronger faith and a deeper sense of service.